Of Sand Castles and Moats

Of Sand Castles and Moats

The breakfast gong was sounding to the smell of bacon and eggs
To which the guests were following bearing white and sunburnt legs.
With butter curls on the table and tea in its silver pot,
“Help yourself to cereal,” and, “mind, that plate is hot!”

The endless void of breakfast and the sea was going out
Boxed in round the table dolly was known to shout,
“Please can we go now, we’ve finished our toast and tea?”
And while they supped on one last cup we, at last, were free.

So off we trekked to the sea front with our pockets full of fun,
Fruit Gums by the tube full all sticky in the sun,
Mandy and Bunty adventures to thrill us as we read,
A fishing net, a diving mask, a hat for dolly’s head.

And while the sea was stealing all the treasure from the sand
We would go a paddling holding tight to dolly’s hand
And sometimes on the Lilo fairy mermaids we’d become,
Diving deep for precious jewels beneath the watching sun.

Armed with just a fishing net when the rocks came into view,
A green and slimy Atlantis with quarry to pursue,
Monster crabs and dinosaurs all waiting to bite your toes,
“Onward, onward,” we would shout, “death to all our foes.”

Then to our sandy bastion made with bottle tops and shells,
To lie in wait for the ice-cream man with pearly, singing, bells
And with our wooden lolly bone we’d finish off the tower,
To sit and watch the sea come in and crush it with its power.
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I have hit the keyboard again and I am writing (very slowly but surely).

My thanks to the Elder tree which has help me over my writer's block.
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